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Imperial Bartenders is much more than just a bartender service

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Yes, We Travel To You… Staff, Bar, and Supplies

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How We Service You

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Imperial Bartenders provides an excellent bartender staffing service for clients just like you.

Additionally, Imperial Bartenders is here to provide you wait staff with casual dining, fine dining, or banquet experience.

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Brandon| Founder

Imperial Bartenders was created to fill a void.

We quickly realized not everyone wanted to celebrate their special moments in a banquet hall, restaurant, or night club. So we decided to bring the bar experience to where you are.

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For those of you that still enjoy celebrating special moments in a more formal setting, Imperial Bartenders will provide banquet quality service to you and your guests at the venue of your choice.

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Why Imperial Bartenders?

  • Streamlined process from start to finish!
  • We have served at the highest level (The White House)
  • 9 Years of bar and wait staff experience
  • Friendly and Fun staff that caters to your event theme
  • Thorough consultation to ensure we are both on the same page
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